Private Label Perfume Contract Manufacturer in Dubai - Dehnee Perfume Factory


Craft Your Dream Scent: Receive expert advice on budget, quality, and launch timeline from Dehnee Perfume Factory, the premier Private Label Perfume Manufacturer in Dubai.


Discover Your Signature Scent: Explore our collection or create your own with the help of our seasoned perfumers at Dehnee Perfume Factory, your trusted Private Label Perfume Manufacturer.

Private Label Perfume Contract Manufacturer in Dubai – Dehnee Perfume Factory


Design Your Dream Perfume: Choose from our wide range of bottles, caps, and pumps to create a product that stands out. Moreover, Dehnee Perfume Factory ensures every detail reflects your brand’s identity.


Shape Your Perfume Vision: Dehnee Perfume Factory meticulously crafts your concept, ensuring it reflects our commitment to excellence in every detail, offering tailored solutions for creating your ideal fragrance.


Quality You Can Trust: Experience expert manufacturing and rigorous quality checks with Dehnee Perfume Factory, your reliable partner in perfume production.

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    Private Label Perfume Manufacturer in Dubai - Dehnee Perfume Factory

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    Building Successful Brands for Over 34 Years

    For over 34 years, Dehnee Perfume Factory has been building successful brands with exceptional fragrances. Not only are we a Private Label Perfume Manufacturer in Dubai, but we are also a team of passionate perfumers, designers, and visionaries who translate emotions, memories, and desires into captivating scents that tell your story.

    Design Luxurious Brand with us

    Ready to embark on your olfactory journey? Dehnee Perfume Factory has helped countless businesses in the UAE, from established retailers to aspiring YouTubers, build successful fragrance brands. Consequently, you can discover your brand’s unique needs and provide your customers with the luxury they deserve with our expert guidance.

    We are passionate about helping you provide your customers with the luxury they deserve. Additionally, we’ll be by your side every step of the journey, from scent research and testing to packaging design, bottling, and shipping directly to your doorstep.

    Want Your Brand to Stand Out? Create your own perfume with Dehnee Perfumes! We’ll help you choose the perfect bottle, design, and scent that reflects your brand. For inquiries, email us at or message us on WhatsApp at +971-428-44-446. Therefore, let’s make your brand smell amazing!

    Who We Serve

    As a leading Private Label Perfume Manufacturer in Dubai, we closely monitor global perfume market trends to design products that best match each brand’s identity, thereby boosting their strengths and ensuring they stand out.

    Private Label Services

    Private Label Perfume Services: Create your own branded perfumes with custom packaging and unique scents tailored to your brand identity with Dehnee Perfume Factory.

    Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: We assist entrepreneurs in creating their own perfume lines, providing guidance and support every step of the way, from concept to finished product.

    E-Commerce Support

    Support for E-Commerce Brands: We collaborate with e-commerce brands to develop and customize fragrances, helping them stand out in the online marketplace with unique and appealing scents.

    Helping Start-Ups with Low Minimum Orders: We assist start-up companies by offering low minimum order quantities (MOQ), making it easier for them to launch their fragrance lines without the need for large investments.

    Custom Perfumes and Personalized Gifts: We specialize in creating custom fragrances to match your specific preferences, ensuring a unique and personal scent experience. Additionally, we offer personalized perfumes and gift sets for special occasions.

    For Established Brands

    Customization for Established Brands: We help established perfume brands customize their fragrances and meet their specific needs, ensuring smooth business operations and unique product offerings.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Private Label Essentials: Your Top Questions Answered

    Frequently Asked Questions About Private Labeling

    Starting a private label brand involves selecting a product, finding a reliable manufacturer, creating your brand identity, and marketing your product.

    There are 4 types of private labels: generics, copycats, premium store brands and value innovators.

    A retailer partners with a manufacturer to create a product under their own brand name. The retailer specifies the product’s features, packaging, and pricing, while the manufacturer handles production and sometimes distribution.

    Private labels offer several benefits to retailers: – Increased control over product offerings – Improved profit margins. – Enhanced brand image – Greater customer loyalty

    Private label brands go by various names, depending on the retailer. They can be called “store brands,” “own brands,” or simply have a unique name created by the retailer.

    Here are some ways to grow a private label brand: Maintain consistent quality – Invest in marketing and promotion – Offer excellent customer service – Innovate and expand the product line – Track and analyze data

    Private Labeling FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

    The quality of private label products can vary depending on the retailer and manufacturer. Some high-quality private label products rival national brands, while others may be more budget-oriented with a lower quality standard.

    Private label products are often priced lower than national brands, offering value to the customer. However, price isn’t the only factor to consider. Evaluate quality and features when making a purchasing decision.

    Costs include product development, manufacturing, packaging, branding, marketing, and distribution.

    The timeline varies but typically ranges from a few weeks to several months, depending on product complexity and manufacturing lead times.

    Key factors include product quality, manufacturing capabilities, minimum order quantities, lead times, and their ability to provide customization.

    The MOQ varies by manufacturer and product type, but it’s essential to discuss this upfront with your chosen manufacturer.